Welcome to friendsandrecipes!


Melissa here! I am so excited to begin this blog with all of you.  I feel like at least once a week, one of you shares a fantastic recipe with me or I am dying to share one with you – so why not share and store recipes in one convenient place?  Even though you don’t all know each other, I know this is a group of health-conscience, creative, fantastic ladies, and I thought it would be fun to connect everyone.

Here are the rules for the blog:

1) Announce who you are when you’re blogging

2) You can post as often or as little as you like

3) Post at least one picture (unless you’re Leslie H. and a recipe from the family vault has been requested 🙂 )

4) MOST IMPORTANT – comment on how you changed the recipe or what you would do different next time, because that’s the most important part!

5)  If you make a recipe someone else posted, let us know! What did you do different?

6) If you are posting a recipe you took from another website or a cookbook, put the source (no lawsuits, please)

7) If we can figure out how, tag your post (gluten-free, vegan, dessert, etc.)

That’s it!  Can’t wait to start sharing with you.


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