A Bite-Size Treat

Leah here…

I’m going to a birthday party tonight and was trying to think of what to bring since the hostess said “we’ve got it all covered”.  Then I found this! The cutest, bite-sized treat that looks so festive for a birthday party! Found, where else?, on Pinterest: http://www.bakersroyale.com/cookies/banilla-sandwich-cookies/  Her blog has great pictures too.


mini nilla wafers (I tried the big ones on for size and they were too big.  You want the banana showing a little)


peanut butter (easily substituted for almond butter, nutella, etc.)


1. Spread a little peanut butter on either wafer, stick a small slice of banana in between, dip in sprinkles, and voila! A bite-size treat.

Notes from the blog: Don’t make these too much in advance since the wafers get soft and the sprinkles bleed their color.  These are easily customizable too- think crushed peanuts, nutella, specific colored sprinkles, etc.

My finished product:


One thought on “A Bite-Size Treat

  1. they are adorable and look delicious!

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