My Three Favorite Desserts!

Hi everyone! Leslie W here. Sorry I have been absent lately. However, I have three delicious desserts to share! Unfortunately I have not modified these recipes so I can’t claim them by any means but still wanted to share. I am deviating from the norm with this post…but thought it was worth it.  I won’t post the recipes but just refer you to the links, especially since the recipes are published in cookbooks. Though, I have two photos to share. I highly recommend all of these! Melissa can vouch for the doughnuts 🙂 Refer to her for a gluten-free version of the vegan doughnuts.

French Yogurt Cake with Lemon by Molly Wizenberg of the Orangette blog (my favorite of the three)

 “Winning Hearts and Minds” Chocolate Cake also by Molly Wizenberg

Vegan Smoked Sea Salt Maple Doughnuts from the Peas and Thank You blog


One thought on “My Three Favorite Desserts!

  1. Melissa says:

    Thanks for sharing these Leslie! I made the donuts gluten-free using the basic babycakes cake donut mix and adding a little nutmeg to them – they were delicious! I also added a little extra salt to the frosting and it was delicious (I actually considered drinking it…it was sooo good!)

    Also, Leslie brought me a little piece of the chocolate cake – it was AWESOME! I think it would be easy to make gluten-free and dairy free.

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